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BELLINI Vincenzo / BERTOLDI Francesco Leopoldo – Dell’antica Lira Ferrarese / Compendio – 1754 / 1820


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BELLINI Vincenzo / BERTOLDI Francesco Leopoldo – Dell’antica lira ferrarese di Marchesini detta volgarmente Marchesana dissertazione di Vincenzo Bellini / Compendio delle cose più notabili contenute nella Dissertazione dell’Antica Lira Ferrarese di Marchesini detta Marchesana di Vincenzo Bellini – 1754 / 1820. in Ferrara, presso Bernardino Pomatelli Stampatore Arcivescovile / Ferrara dai Torchi di Gaetano Bresciani. Modern binding in half cardboard with titles on the spine, red fore-edges; octavo, 26.5 cm / octavo, 20.5 cm; 2 vols. bound in 1; pp. IX 208; 37 (2); slight blooms at vol. II, overall very good and fresh copy. Title page with titles in red and black with engraved letterpress, numerous engravings depicting coins. This is a remarkable example of historical description of an ideal currency conducted, with acumen and diligence, through the events of its circulation, even if only once its true value is calculated on the real value of the goods. Each document, even minimally usable, is carefully examined in its entirety; while the news of history, instead of outlining the economic and political framework in which to register the coins, is reported rather so as not to cause so much boredom to the reader. Added here is the compendium, published in 1820, by Bertoldi which integrates what Bertoldi himself indicated to be the only lack of Bellini’s treatment: the absence of the index, since then made up for by this compendium