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(Saint) PIEROZZI ANTONINO (from Florence) – Tertie Partis Summe Beati Antonini – (1480)


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(Saint) PIEROZZI ANTONINO (from Florence) – In nomine Sancte ac invividue trinitatis. Incipit prologus, Tertie partis Summe Beati Antonini, archipresulis florentini ordinis predicatorum – (1480). Impressa Venetijs, industry atque impensa Leonardi Wild de Regensburg (dating from the colophon in the second volume, missing here). Half leather from the end of the 18th century, gilt titles and floral friezes imprinted on the spine, plates covered in remondinian-like paper, sprayed cuts; quarto, 31.2 x 22 cm; leaves (1b) + (219) + (1b), signature A-N10 O8 P-Q10 R8 S10 T8 V-Y10 Z8; peeling at the binding, with some holes and woodworm walkways, first flying white paper but present, missing the A1 (blank) leaf, a dozen of the first leaves have a cut on the outer margin, in correspondence with an old pen stroke, some holes of woodworm and slight halos that do not in any way affect the fruition of the work, Z8 leaf and the last blank one flying but present. Old ownership notes on leaaf A2 (slightly trimmed) and A4 (formerly erased), always on leaf A2, trace of an old illegible stamp of belonging, Tabulae on leaves A2 and A3, valuable illuminated initial (in gold, red, cobalt, ocher and two shades of pink) on A4 leaf, initials inscribed in red and cobalt throughout the volume, text in gothic characters, on two columns and on 58 lines (59 counting the signature), last ownership note after the last line of text on page Z8, handwritten glosses and ‘manicula’ in the margins on various leaves. Only the first volume of the third part (complete in two volumes) of the Summa of Antonino Pierozzi, theologian originally from Florence. This volume initially focuses on the sacrament of marriage and then moves on to various instructions (addressed to the ecclesiastical and lay Florentine world of the mid-1400) on multiple ethical and theological themes. Incunabulum printed twenty years after the author’s death.