Psalterium chorale fratrum S. Dominici – 1551


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Psalterium chorale fratrum S. Dominici cum versiculis, Responsorijs horarum, Annis nocturnalibus, Psalmis, Himnisque omnibus, cantu et litera, summo studio recognitum et emendatum: in hac parva forma ita redactum ut Minitij et Moniales dicti ordinis, commodius cantare, sine legere queant. Cui accessere versus Gloria patri Intonationes, et Invitatoris omnium tonorum: cum ceteris totius anni invitatoriis, nunque alibi excussa: due omnia facile reperies in tabulis: altera in capite, altera in calce libri positis – 1551. Venetijs in officina heredum Lucantonij Iunte. Full leather (restored but with a good part of a coeval one) with friezes on the spine and on the back, gilded edge; octavo, 18.5 cm; leaves (8) 295; last leave of the table, including the registrum, missing (only a small corner present) and binding restored, overall excellent copy. Title page r/b with letterpress mark and woodcut vignette depicting S. Domenicus; two other full-page woodcuts; r/b text in Latin in gothic characters with numerous abbreviations; woodcut drop caps; musical notations. Beautiful Dominican psalter from the mid-sixteenth century, uncommon and of high lineage, as evidenced by the presence of some full-page woodcuts. The psalms are organised in the various weeks, after the calendar, with numerous musical scores, in red and black like the whole text.