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CLUVER Philipp – Italia Antiqua / Sicilia Antiqua – 1619 / 1624


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CLUVER Philipp – Philippi Cluveri Italia Antiqua Opus post omnium curas elaboratissimum; tabulis geographicis aere expressis illustratum. Ejusdem Sicilia Sardinia et Corsica, cum Indice locuplettisssimo / Philippi Cluveri Sicilia Antiqua; cum minoribus insulis, ei adjacentibus. Item Sardinia et Corsica. Opus post omnium curas elaboratissimum; taublis geographicis, aere expressis, illustratum – 1619 / 1624. Lugduni Batavorum, ex Officina Elseviriana. Full coeval vellum with handwritten titles on the spine, modern fastenings; folio, 36.5 x 24 cm; 2 complementary works bound in 3 volumes (2 Italia antiqua + 1 Sicilia); pp. (2b) + (20) + 786 + (2b), (2b) + (4) + [787-1338] + (21) + (3b), (2b) + (16) + 510 + (12) + (4b); small tear to two plates without affecting the bar, some blooms in the second volume of Italia Antiqua, some numbering errors but complete text, lack of part of the laces in the Sicily antiqua volume, on the whole more than a good copy with wise margins. Italia Antiqua: half-title, beautiful copper engraved portrait of Cluverio in an oval frame at the front door, beautiful allegorical copper engraved title page to volume I, old handwritten annotation of possession in the lower white margin, to the first volume 9 double-page copper geographical maps (Summa Italiae Descriptio , Alpium Cottiarum Maritimarum, Rhaetiae et Lepoontiorum, Venetiae, Histriae et Carnici Agri descriptio, Alpium Penninarum, Etruriae Antiquae descriptio, Umbriae Antiquae descriptio, Sabinorum et Marsorum Agri carta descriptio, Piceni et Vestinorum – NOTE: Unfortunately missing the plate Galliae Circumpadanae) to the second volume, title page with classic Elzevirian typographic mark, 4 double-page copper geographical maps (Latii Utriusque, Samni et Campaniae, Apuliae Mesapiae in qua Calabri ac Salentini et Lucaniae descriptio, Brutii Agri descriptio) and a beautiful engraved view of Rome always in double page (Antiquae Urbis Romae Descriptio). Sicilia Antiqua: half-title, beautiful copper engraved allegorical titlepage, old handwritten annotation of possession in the lower white margin, 4 geographical maps on double-page copper (Siciliae Antiquae Descriptio, same card in Greek with minimal modifications, Insularum Orientali Siciliae lateri divina in three panels, Corsicae / Sardiniae antiquae descriptio) and a beautiful double-page copper engraved view of Syracuse (Veterum Syracusarum typus). First, uncommon edition, of this milestone of Italian geography, elaborated by the famous German geographer following the trip he made to the peninsula just one year before giving life to this work, which began in 1619 with the relative “commentary” volume to the islands, later completed and published posthumously in 1624 with the two volumes relating to the entire country.