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(SCALIGERO Giuseppe Giusto) – In Locos Controversos Roberti Titii Animadversorum Liber – 1586


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(SCALIGERO Giuseppe Giusto / SCALIGER Joseph Juste) – Yvonis Villiomari Aremorici In locos controversos Roberti Titii animadversorum liber. Ad Nobilissimum virum Andream Oessentum Quinpentonij et Burentelli dominum, Maecenatem suum. Cum Duplici indice, altero auctorum utriusque linguae, qui in hoc libro aut emendantur, aut illustrantur, aut a Titij cesura praua, vel calumnia vindicantur: altero rerum, & vocum memorabilium in utraque lingua – 1586. Lutetiae, apud Mamertum Patissonium Typographum Regium. In Officina Roberti Stephani. Blank eighteenth-century paperback; sedicesimo, 16,2 cm; pp. (4) 197 (6); slight water halo and rare and irrelevant woodworm holes in the inner margin, overall more than a good copy. Latin text with some headwords and phrases in Greek; title page with vignette, some engraved endings; some engraved medals; numbering error: pag. 83 repeated. Very rare first Parisian edition, published under a pseudonym, of this satirical pamphlet by Giuseppe Giusto Scaligero on Loci Controversi by the Sansepolcrian scholar and philologist Roberto Tito of 1583. Scalìgero, Giuseppe Giusto (fr. Joseph-Juste Scaliger). – French philologist of Italian origin (Agen 1540 – Leiden 1609), son of Julius Caesar. He excelled in the study of antiquity for his perfect command of Latin and Greek to which he also combined knowledge of Arabic and Hebrew. It seems that this satirical pamphlet, sharply criticizing the philology of Roberto Tito, was enthusiastically welcomed by many scholastics and undermined the credibility of the opponent against which he was directed.