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CRISTIANI Girolamo Francesco – Delle Misure D’ogni Genere Antiche E Moderne – 1760


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CRISTIANI Girolamo Francesco – Delle misure d’ogni genere antiche, e moderne con note letterarie, e fisico-matematiche, a giovamento di qualunque architetto. Trattato di Girolamo Francesco Cristiani ingegnere della Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia – 1760. In Brescia, dalle stampe di Giambatista Bossini. Contemporary rustic cardboard with handwritten titles on the spine and visible laces; quarto, 29.8 cm; pp. (2b) + XXIV + 208 + (2b); beautiful copy with wide margins and beards, rustling paper. Beautiful allegorical frontispiece (cherubs with measuring instruments and portrait of the author in an oval surmounted by cherubs) engraved on copper by Giuliano Giampiccoli, engraved vignette on the title page, beautiful engraved initial letters, two folded plates out of text at the end of the volume. First edition of this treatise on scientific measurement, particularly this example as it is embellished with the signature belonging to the Ferrarese mathematician Ambrogio Baruffaldi, some of his glosses in the text and an index also handwritten by him