SARDI Gasparo / FAUSTINI Agostino – Libro Delle Historie Ferraresi – 1646


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SARDI Gasparo / FAUSTINI Agostino – Libro delle Historie Ferraresi del sig. Gasparo Sardi con una nuova aggiunta del medesimo Autore. Aggiuntivi di più quattro Libri del Sig. Dottore Faustini sino alla devolutione del Ducato di Ferrara alla Santa Sede. Con le Tavole di tutti gli due Libri. All’, e Signore il Signore Cardinale Giulio Sacchetti – 1646. Ferrara, per Giuseppe Gironi. Full blank parchment with handwritten titles on the spine; octavo, 22.5 cm; 2 vols. in 1; pp. (10) 230 (28); 182 (28) (4b); traces of use on the binding, some flowering, numerous woodworm holes especially at the edges, overall a poor to fair copy. Title page with letterpress mark, vignettes, initials and end caps engraved, 13 copper engraved full page plates in and out of the text. Missing title page of the addition of the Faustini; missing pages from 21 to 28 and from 67 to 70 of the Sardi’s work and pages from 9 to 16 and from 163 to 166 of the addition by Faustini; numerous membership notes and handwritten glosses. The genesis of the work is linked to the controversy over the precedence that for forty years opposed the representatives of the Este house to the Medici, putting into play, beyond the apparent futility of the causes, reasons of substantial rank and prestige for both families, committed to consolidating the fortunes of their states. The two authors tell stories about Ferrara with particular regard for the members of the family of the Dukes of Este, pushed by them to magnify the glories of the city and, above all, of its rulers. On Gaspare Sardi (about 1480 – after 1559), in the Literary History of Italy, Giovanni da Pozzo, speaking of the language used, says that the Histories of Ferrara certainly do not benefit from a vernacular dedicated to annals aimed at mere support of a still formidable potentate.