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CAPRA Alessandro – La nuova architettura civile e militare – 1717


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CAPRA Alessandro – La nuova architettura civile, e militare di Alessandro Capra Architetto, e Cittadino Cremonese divisa in due tomi, In questa nuova impressione diligentemente corretta, ed accresciuta. Dedicata all’ Sig.r, Sig.r Padr.e il Sig. Dottor Francesco Arisi Conservadore degli Ordini della Nobilissima Città di Cremona – 1717. In Cremona, nella Stamperia di Pietro Ricchini, a spese del suddetto, e di Giuseppe Forbici. Coeval rustic cardboard with handwritten titles at the spine; quarto, cm 23,7 x 17,2; pagg. (2b) + (28) + 356, (12) + 184 + (2b), worn binding with slight traces of use, partially detached from the text block due to the crack of the bands, water stains throughout the volume (mainly very slight, stronger in the second part of the work, with slight traces of old mould), two of tipped in plates with a tear each but no lacking. A title page for each tome, headings, some initials and some endings in woodcut, an architectural title page completely in woodcut for each book, two Author’s portraits (one for each tome) circa 130 woodcut illustrations in the text (also full-page) in the first tome, circa 100 in the second one, plus 7 tipped in folding woodcut plates (2 in the first tome, 5 in the second one). Second edition of the original “Della architettura famigliare” and “La nuova architettura militare”, firstly published together – and enlarged – in this posthumous illustrated edition. Remarkable is the extremely rich iconographic apparatus, made up by almost 250 woodcuts. These essays are focusing on  – architecture aside – engineering and technology, especially on the machineries, which occupy the majority of the plates actually