ARIOSTO Ludovico – Orlando Furioso di M. Lodovico Ariosto, tutto ricorretto, et di nuove figure adornato – 1565


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ARIOSTO Ludovico – Orlando Furioso di M. Lodovico Ariosto, tutto ricorretto, et di nuove figure adornato. Con le Annotationi, gli Avertimenti, & le Dichiarationi di Ieronimo Ruscelli. La Vita dell’Autore, descritta dal Signor Giovan Battista Pigna. Gli Scontri de’ luoghi mutati dall’Autore doppo la sua prima impressione. La Dichiaratione di tutte le Istorie, & Favole toccate nel presente libro, fatta da M. Nicolò Eugenico. Di nuovo aggiuntovi Li Cinque Canti, del medesimo Autore. Et una Tavola de’ principij di tutte le Stanze. Con altre cose utili, & necessarie / I Cinque Canti di M. Lodovico Ariosto, i quali seguono la materia del Furioso. Tutti di nuovo revisti et ricorretti da molti importantissimi errori, che sin quì sono stati in tutti gli altri. Con gli argomenti in rima, & discorsi di M. Luigi Grotta d’Aria. Con alcune brevi & importanti annotationi del medesimo – 1565. In Venezia, appresso Vincenzo Valgrisi. Full late seventeenth-century vellum with gilded and framed titles on the spine; quarto, 25 cm; pp. (16) + 654 + (34); slightly worn binding with traces of handwritten notes on the back board, the corners and especially the hinges stripped, small lack at the lower edge of the spine, lower headband loose, lacking the first blank, trimmed title page with very slight loss of the engraving at the upper margin, slight millstone that goes #at slowly disappearing up to page 255, some slight other small marginal gore, some browned pages. Double title page (the first entirely in woodcut, beautiful architectural frame with the portrait of the author and female figures at the top, Valgrisi’s typographical mark supported by two cherubs under the title; the second – on page 533 – with only the mark, also repeated at the end volume), text on one and two columns, also in italics, some numbering errors, speaking initial in woodcut, before each ‘canto’ a beautiful full-page woodcut vignette is inserted (for a total of 51 full page woodcuts), subject of each panel in a beautiful woodcut frame that takes up almost half a page. Nice illustrated Valgrisi’s edition, printed along the lines of the first of 1556 but in this more complete version, being the first to accompany the ‘last five’ to the first 46 ‘canti’. The edition here shows the dedication by Ruscelli to Alfonso Este dated 1556, it follows the life of Ariosto written by the Este’s secretary Giovanni Battista Pigna, finally ‘To the readers’ always by Ruscelli, a short table of names to then begin the poem . The last ‘cinque canti’ with notes by Luigi Grotta, follow the ‘stanze’ of Mr. Luigi Gonzaga, known as Rodomonte, to M. Lodovico Ariosto and ‘Scontri de’ luoghi, i quali M. Lodovico Ariosto mutò doppo la prima impressione del suo Furioso. Et la cagione perche lo facesse di luogo in luogo. Raccolti et essaminati dal S. Gio. Battista Pigna’ and, finally, the table edited by Giovanbattista Rota. Perhaps the most beautiful Valgrisi’s edition of the Furioso, in which the ‘usual’ iconographic repertoire is enriched by the woods that precede each of the further and final Cinque Canti. The full-page woodcuts, in which the representation of the canto is entirely surrounded by a beautiful allegorical border, can be traced back to Dosso Dossi, although there is no certain attribution