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BULIFON Antonio – Carte De’ Regni Di Napoli, E Di Sicilia – 1734


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BULIFON Antonio – Carte de’ Regni di Napoli, e di Sicilia, loro provincie, ed isole adjacenti, fatte esattamente incidere da Antonio Bolifoni nel 1692, ed ora dal dottor Luigi Bolifoni suo nipote, con piccole mutazioni fatte ristampare e dedicate alla Sacra Maestà di Carlo Re di Napoli, infante di Spagna, Duca di Parma, di Piacenza, e di Castro, &c. e Gran Principe di Toscana, &c – 1734. In Napoli, nella Stamperia di Francesco Ricciardo. Full coeval leather with gilt titles and friezes on the spine, raised bands; quarto, 27.5 x 22.5 cm; leaves (1b) + (4); tear with lack of the first upper compartment of the spine, slight wear on the hinges, slight internal blooms, overall good copy. 19 double-page copper engravings, almost all engraved by Francesco Cassiano De Silva (Kingdom of Naples, Terra di Lavoro, Campagna Felice, Isola d’Ischia and view of Procida, Abruzzo Ultra, Abruzzo Citra, Basilicata, Terra di Bari, Terra d’Otranto, Calabria Citra, Calabria Ultra, Kingdom of Sicily, Mazara Valley, Demona Valley, Noto Valley, Headmasters of His Catholic Majesty in Tuscany). In the dedicatory Luigi Bulison tells of the discovery of the branches dedicated to Naples by his uncle Antonio, “miraculously saved from the sack” perpetrated by the Alemmanic’s. It is also indicated how this edition was printed in “some few copies to be able to present them to your Majesty and distribute them to his Ministers, and General Officers” in view of a campaign to acquire the territories engraved on these plates. Work – in first and only edition – of good rarity, currently present in only five national libraries in Italy and one foreign, almost always absent on the market